Renewable Energy

Apex is ripe for Renewable Energy development. With over 2,000 acres of fully entitled land, Apex may be the easiest place to develop your 1 megawatt to 300 megawatt renewable energy plant. With over 300 sunny days per year, Apex provides a solar potential ideal for developing your solar array. Flat land with unimpeded access to the sun is abundant here. Come see for yourself why some of the largest names in PV solar development have chosen to call Apex their home.


Apex is adjacent to the main transmission corridor that leads from Northern Nevada to Southern California. These transmission lines in conjunction with five power generation plants, make Apex a preferred point of connection for your Power Purchase Agreements.


An in-depth Environmental Assessment was completed for Apex when the land was transferred from the BLM to private investors. Even the transportation and utility corridors that run throughout Apex were included in this report. Although the BLM process can be lengthy, having this study complete can shave up to 2-years off your development timeline.


Renewable developments are allowed and encouraged in the City of North Las Vegas and specifically in the Apex Overlay District. Why hassle with the endless maze of the BLM? Apex and the City of North Las Vegas have teamed in a public-private partnership to make Apex you location of choice for solar and renewable developments.

Drainage Studies, Traffic Studies, Water Studies, we have taken care of all the conceptual studies—all you have to do are the site-specific documents and our team of experts can assist you in all you need.