Apex Industrial Park Properties

Apex has evolved in recent years into a viable industrial park with municipality support and a team of experts that can make your ideal development a reality. Apex Holding Company holds over 1,000 acres of very diverse land that is sure to fit every need on any budget. Take a look at the properties below and do not hesitate to contact us as we are ready to assist in your relocation to Apex, a premier industrial park in Southern Nevada.

Apex Commercial Center North


The home of Love’s Truck Stop, Apex Commercial Center North is adjacent to the junction of Interstate 15 and the Canamex Highway (US Highway 93). Looking for freeway exposure for your commercial development? With 24,000 average daily trips on I-15 and 2,100 on Highway 93, ACCN is prime for your exposure sensitive development. ACCN has 132 acres for sale.

Apex Central


With easy access to Highway 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard) and it’s adjacency to the NV Energy Gypsum Substation, Apex Central is prime for development of your renewable energy facility or industrial complex. Apex Central consists of a little over 290 acres of lowland. With a well on site, paved access, and master studies complete, Apex Central may be you quickest path to development.



Have a renewable project that’s top secret? Tucked away on the west side of Apex, nestled between the peaks of Foothill’s highland is 196 acres of lowland prime for your development. Located on a 69 kV power line and adjacent to a southwest gas high pressure main make this project prime for you renewable energy development. With a price point well below properties only a few miles away, Foothills can make your project pencil.

Solo Mountain


Located directly across from Foothills, Solo Mountain has many of the same attributes. 420 acres of lowland make this piece prime for a large solar development. Solo Mountain also includes a 35 acre parcel with paved access adjacent to Apex Central. Need an office for you solar development? Solo Mountain is the place for you!

Northern Highlands


Northern Highlands is our most remote piece of property in Apex. Located on the western edge of Apex, this property abuts the Kern River Gas line and high power electric transmission lines. This parcel also abuts the future alignment of the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s planned water line from Lincoln County. Do you have some time and some 1031 money. This piece may have the most potential of any parcel in Apex at a price point that will make you smile!