Apex Industrial Park

Situated along the Interstate 15 corridor, just 25 minutes from McCarran International Airport, and within 5 hours from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Apex has the potential to become one of the predominant industrial developments in the western United States. Located just minutes north of the downtown Las Vegas, Apex offers access to municipal ground water, high pressure gas, and an abundance of power supplied by the five power generation stations located within the park. Apex is a power transmission mecca. Not only do five generation stations reside in Apex, but a 69kV, four 230 kV, and a 500 kV transmission line run along federal Utility and Transportation Corridors which are contained within the Park boundaries. Perfect for any renewable energy developer looking to expand operations to Nevada.


The City of North Las Vegas has annexed Apex into their jurisdiction and adopted the Apex Overlay District. The advantage? Pre approved uses and a pro growth City asking “How can I help your business be successful?” Whether you are looking to develop a 20 megawatt solar array or expand distribution and manufacturing operations, Apex is the place for your project to succeed. Need help? Our preferred development partner, Land Development Associates (“LDA”), can and will help your project succeed. LDA can introduce you to the necessary state and local government decision makers. Local codes can be a challenge to navigate but with their expertise and relationships, they can assist any business in their initial setup and throughout operations. LDA can make any business plan pencil.

With over 2,000 aces ready for development, Apex can support over 40 million square feet of industrial space and over 300 megawatts of PV solar arrays. With limited industrial land supply and increasing costs within the Las Vegas Market, Apex stands out with its land priced far below comparable land within the Las Vegas Valley. Just eight miles away, the nearest industrial land is priced at $10 to $12 per square foot. Apex offers comparable, ready to develop land at less than 50% of that price.

Apex is ready to be your partner in business and your location for success.